Collection: Empowering Equality Collection

Empowering Equality Collection

All Black Lives Matter products will have a percentage sent to either Young, Black and Lit for kids to have increasing access  to children’s books that center, reflect, and affirm Black children by providing free books to youth in pre-K through 8th grade.

Or I also give to:  Black People Will Swim which donates swimming lessons to children (in the US right now, 64% of black children don't know how to swim and I believe every child should have that chance). 

Women's Health Products: Donations will be made to Elevated Access. Pilots fly women to the important medical care they need.


Organizations I will also support, include but are not limited to:

The Fisher Houses for VA families (although I wish I hadn't needed it, I spent over 6 months living in one and I couldn't have stayed to help without it!)

Pilots N Paws: pilots that donate their time to fly pets to their forever homes (my little sister was blessed to get one of her fur babies through these amazing pilots!)