Hi! I'm Rebecca. Thank you for stopping by my shop! Let me share with you the story behind my passion for creating gifts. It all began during my childhood, when I spent countless hours with my grandmother, crafting various items like quilts and ornaments. I fondly recall how she would introduce us to new crafts she had learned during her summers in Florida. Initially, I found joy in these activities, but as a teenager, I yearned for something "cooler" and grew disinterested, much to my grandmother's disappointment.

During my teenage years, I faced the challenges of an autoimmune disease (and continue to), which limits my physical activity. It was during this time that I discovered the world of computer design and began experimenting for my joy in creating. Little did I know then that this newfound interest would eventually intertwine with my love for crafting.

Life carried on, and suddenly, within a short span, I experienced the loss of my grandparents, my little sister, and my husband.

This is where the significance of gifts comes into play. I am a collector of memories, cherishing the gifts given to me by my late husband and the heartfelt cards created by my sister.

I would give anything to be able to exchange gifts with them once more, to express my love through that gesture.

Watching my mother as she ages, I see her wanting to forge connections with her grandchildren, hoping to leave behind a lasting bond with them. She wants to create something tangible for my nieces, a memento that will keep her memory alive for the rest of their lives. After enduring so much loss, I too want to establish that same meaningful connection with my nieces. I understand that they may not fully comprehend it now, but we are creating memories together, little by little.

That is why a necklace, for instance, is more than just an accessory. It symbolizes a warm embrace from your grandmother or a heartfelt hug sent to your granddaughter as she navigates through college or other life events. It encapsulates a profound "I love you" that may be cherished for years to come.

I am so gratitude for your support of my small business. Your support allows me to continue creating meaningful gifts that carry love and memories within them. And I hope it does for you as well!