You may wonder why I create so many gifts! I want to tell you my journey. As a child, I sat with my grandmother and made crafts. From quilts to ornaments. I can't even remember all the things she had my sisters and I making. Whatever "new' craft she learned in Florida, in the summer, it was our turn to make it. As a child, I loved it. As a teen, I hated it. I didn't want to sit at the table anymore. I didn't want her to watch each stitch I made. I wanted something "cooler". So I quit (much to her dismay). 

     While an autoimmune disease kept me from being active as a teen, I started designing on the computer for fun. Which I didn't know then, would start to bring these two worlds together.

     Life went on, and then all of a sudden in a short time, my grandparents, my little sister and my husband died. You may wonder why this is important. For me, I collect everything. I have many gifts my husband gave me. I have cards my sister made me. I would give anything to give a gift to them. Or to receive a gift from them. Because gifts aren't about the gift itself. Its about saying "I love you". 

     I watch my mom as she gets older, trying to connect with her grandchildren. Wanting to leave behind a bond with them. Something tangible for my nieces to remember her by. And after so much loss, I want to do the same with my nieces. I know they don't realize it now. But we are creating memories with them!

     So a necklace may not be just a necklace! t may be a hug to your grandmother or a hug to your granddaughter in college. Whatever it is, its like a special "I love you". And maybe, they will hold onto it for years to come!              


     Thank you for shopping at my small business!

                                           Sincerely, Rebecca